Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quilt Block in Honor of St. Barbara

I apologize that it has been so long since I have posted one of these. I had to take a break during December for Christmas preparations, then in January I had to scrapbook photos from the past six months. So, I got back to quilting in February with this block in honor of St. Barbara. Honestly, this block gave me fits and took me much longer than most of my blocks do. As you can see the final product I created differs from the pattern. I offer this one as a creative challenge - I'm sure many of you out there could do this better than I did!

St. Barbara (4th century) was brought up as a heathen. Her father, Dioscorus, kept her secluded in a tower, where she dedicated herself to prayer and study and received baptism in secret by a priest. Angered by her conversion, her father turned her over to the civil tribunal. She was tortured and beheaded by her father’s own hand. She is a patron of the U.S. Army Field Artillery. One of her symbols is a peacock feather, which is the basis for this 12" x 12" block.

 For the free download of this pattern, please visit: Quilt Block in Honor of St. Barbara