Monday, March 25, 2013

Quilt Block in Honor of St. Monica

Saint Monica (331 A.D - 387 A.D.) is known as the mother of St. Augustine, who prayed (and cried) long and hard for her wayward son's conversion to Christianity. He went on to become one of the greatest saints.

This 12" x 12" quilt block could easily be titled "A Mother's Tears." The blue diamonds represent the tears St. Monica cried over her son. The green backdrop is a representation of St. Augustine and his excellence in philosophy.

This is a repeating pattern which could easily be worked up to create a whole quilt.

 Please download the free pattern: Quilt Block in Honor of St. Monica

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quilt Block in Honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria

St. Catherine of Alexandria is believed to have been born in Alexandria of a noble family. After converting to Christianity, she denounced Maxentius for persecuting Christians.

Maxentius offered Catherine a royal marriage if she would deny the Faith. She refused and was imprisoned. While in prison, Catherine converted Maxentius' wife and two hundred of his soldiers. He had them all put to death. 

Catherine was likewise condemned to death. She was put on a spiked wheel, and when the wheel broke, she was beheaded. 

Her symbol is a spiked wheel.

 This is my take on the spiked wheel. It's a very simple quilt block, easy to work up. And it would be great as a repeating block in a quilt. You can work it up in any colors of your choosing, making sure to keep a rhythm of light and dark to provide some contrast. 

For the Free pdf pattern, please download: Quilt Block in Honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria