Monday, June 11, 2012


This blog is a new work in progress. I've been quilting for many years, and I was recently inspired by the Women of Courage quilt project. That quilt honors several famous women (including Blessed Mother Teresa) with quilt blocks designed in their honor. Well, if Mother Teresa can have a quilt block, why not other saints?

I've been working on designing several blocks and am eager to share them. I'll start posting more as soon as I can! I hope that you are as excited about this project as I am. Please subscribe to this page so that you can get updates as soon as they become available. Thank you!


  1. Although I am not a quilter myself, I think this is soo cool!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. The next block in progress is one in honor of St. Therese!

  2. So glad I came across your blog. What a great idea! There are only a few traditional blocks named for Saints. I enjoyed seeing your new designs.

  3. Very beautiful work ... though looking at the Mother Teresa block on the Women of Courage ... I bet your design would be even better!